Compensation for Abuse in Foster Care


Have you or someone you know been sexually or physically abused while in foster care?

At Wyatts, our lawyers represent victims of institutional child sexual assault and abuse. We help survivors get the foster care abuse compensation they deserve. We listen to our clients and treat them with respect, because we care.

When child sexual assault occurs while under the care of the foster system, it’s a tragic violation of that young person’s trust and can have a lasting impact on them in many different ways. It is common for perpetrators to use their position of authority to carefully build trust and manipulate the victim, ‘grooming’ them for abuse. Unfortunately, this often results in the victim feeling confused, afraid, and even guilty.

Often, those who’ve survived sexual abuse in foster care are left believing that they are to blame for the abuse. At Wyatts, we’re passionate about bringing you the justice you deserve, by bringing your foster care abuse claims to trial and in effect saying to you, these four very important words: “it wasn’t your fault.” Inevitably, victims of sexual abuse in foster care often feel shame but our lawyers will work hard and speak on your behalf, seeking justice for you.

Foster Care Abuse Compensation

If you or someone you know has been threatened by a perpetrator, not to tell anyone about the abuse, we understand that it can be difficult to disclose details of the abuse. Additionally, when sexual abuse happens in a foster care situation, survivors are often concerned that their story won’t be believed. They may even develop a fear of being called a liar. This is why our child sexual abuse lawyers work closely with our clients, to build trust, enabling them to open up about the events surrounding the abuse. We aim to provide an environment where survivors are able to voice their concerns and share their experiences in a safe place.  

Under the banner of sexual abuse there are different types of abuse, including molestation, rape, violence or any other type of non-consensual sexual contact. These abuses may have happened once or multiple times.

Getting Justice and Compensation for Survivors of Abuse in Foster Care

Those who have survived sexual abuse in foster care often sustain both seen and unseen injuries, including mental health problems, suicidal tendencies, post-traumatic stress, chronic anxiety, hyper-vigilance and flashbacks. Long-term difficulties often arise from these largely unseen consequences of foster care sexual abuse, perpetrated by those in positions of power, authority and trust.

Here at Wyatts, we’re here to pursue your foster care abuse compensation claim on your behalf. Our sexual abuse lawyers work with compassion and sensitivity, approaching each individual case with care and a desire to see the survivor receive the compensation and justice they deserve. We work hard to ensure perpetrators, and those who may have sought to hide the abuse, are brought to justice.

As sexual assault lawyers, we care about your story and will listen to you, treating you with dignity and respect.

Here at Wyatts, we have handled a large and increasing amount of sexual abuse cases over many years and tragically, many of these perpetrations occurred while under the care of the foster system.

Settling Historical Abuse Claims

A common misconception is that cases involving historical abuse are often unsuccessful. This is untrue, irrespective of how long ago the abuse took place. We’ve seen many survivors receive abuse compensation from historical abuse claims from within the foster care system. Some instances happened more than 30 years ago and have resulted in a favourable settlement for the survivor. So if you’re thinking about making a foster care abuse claim, please contact us. We will answer any questions you may have about the process and your rights.

Sexual and physical abuse are a violation of a person’s basic right to be safe and protected. It is a crime under Australian law and it is something which our assault lawyers work very hard to rectify. If you’re a survivor of physical or sexual abuse by someone in authority, whether it happened while under the care of the foster system or any other institution, then you may be able to claim institutional abuse compensation.

Call us today. We’re on your side and we’re ready to fight your battle in court.

Foster Care Abuse Compensation - Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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