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Wyatts Are Your Mediation and
Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Wyatts Compensation Lawyers are expert mediation & dispute resolution lawyers with a 100% success rate for mediation cases!

Have you been ordered by the court to enter dispute resolution or mediation?

Are you required to undertake Compulsory Family Dispute Resolution?

Are you contractually obliged to resolve a dispute
via mediation?

Would you like to settle a disagreement without the expense and stress of entering the court or tribunal system?


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a means of resolving a civil legal dispute outside the court. With legal representation, the disputing parties reach an agreement without having to undertake a costly, time-consuming and stressful court process. Mediation is a specific type of Alternative Dispute Resolution in which a neutral person works with the disputing parties to work towards a solution that is mutually agreeable.

ADR and mediation can be appropriate for many types of disputes including:

Reach for a solution that works for you and
get your life back-on-track

Wyatts Compensation Lawyers are dedicated to resolving client disputes through professional and comprehensive negotiation. With a wealth of experience and expertise, the team at Wyatts can:

  • Determine if ADR is the right solution for you
  • Identify a potential outcome that supports your best interests
  • Provide you with strategic options for moving forward
  • Provide you with legal representation throughout the process
  • Resolve your matter as efficiently and effectively as possible

At Wyatts, our commitment is to offer every client a comprehensive, personalised and attentive service. We understand that you are more than a “case number” and we will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

We Listen. We Care.

dispute resolution

Wyatts Compensation Lawyers offer:

If you are looking for a dispute resolution or compensation mediation lawyer to provide you with a comprehensive and personalised service, please call Wyatts today on 1800 773 880 or contact us using our online form.

There are a number of circumstances under which parties engage in alternative dispute resolution:

  • Voluntarily. With the guidance and support of legal representation, parties choose to resolve a dispute outside the court system.
  • Dispute Resolution Clause.  Contracts (e.g. employment, commercial) can stipulate that ADR must be engaged as a first step if disputes arise from the terms of that contact.
  • Family Law/Parenting Disputes. There is often a requirement to engage in dispute resolution before a court case can proceed.
  • Court order. If a legal case is already being heard in court, a judge or magistrate can order that the disputing parties engage in ADR before proceeding.

In any case, dispute resolution can be an effective means of achieving a desired outcome at any stage of a dispute – even if the court case has commenced or a decision has been made by the court or tribunal and an appeal is being considered.

  • Costs are considerably less than those involved in pursuing a court case
  • Faster outcomes than cases pursued in court – weeks or months vs. years
  • Less stressful than a court case
  • Focuses on the uniqueness of the dispute – the specific issues and desired outcomes are central
  • Positive outcomes (85% settlement rate) with high satisfaction rates
  • Where appropriate, helps to maintain an ongoing and co-operative relationship between parties
  • Allows for flexible solutions
  • Protects the privacy of the disputing parties

Contact Wyatts today to discuss if dispute resolution or mediation is for you.

Mediation is a specific type of Alternative Dispute Resolution that is particularly appropriate when the disagreeing parties are motivated to work towards a solution that is mutually agreeable. In a series of confidential meetings, a mediator facilitates negotiations between disputing parties – with the aim that they will reach an agreement. A mediator’s role is to support the parties to clearly explain their positions, and to maintain a well-structured and productive discussion. A mediator cannot provide legal advice or offer suggested solutions. They also cannot make a judgement as to the correctness of an argument or decide the outcome of negotiations.

If you are entering a mediation process, you can engage expert legal support to:

  • Assess the suitability of your case for mediation
  • Explain the mediation process
  • Help you prepare for mediation
  • Contact the other party on your behalf if necessary
  • Assist you in locating and engaging a suitable mediator
  • Provide you with advice and direction during face-to-face mediation meetings.
  • Assist in the writing of a document or binding contract that outlines the agreement you reached.
  • Prepare draft court orders outlining the agreement – required when mediation was ordered by the court
  • Provide you with legal advice if an agreement is not reached

If you are entering dispute resolution or mediation, Wyatts are here to help! Call us today on 1800 773 880 to talk to one of our experienced lawyers.

Wyatts are your Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation Lawyers

Entering dispute resolution or mediation can be overwhelming and you may feel ill-equipped to represent yourself without appropriate guidance. It is vitally important that you have all the information and legal support you need in order that you take actions that serve your best interest.  Wyatts Compensation Lawyers offer you resources, skills, knowledge and determination that will ensure your best possible outcome. Our highly-qualified and dedicate team has more than 150 years of combined experience – so you know that you will have the best people by your side.

Solicitor Director Julie Wyatt has an exceptional record in resolving complex disputes. She was successful in obtaining compensation for Royal Australian Air Force personnel exposed to toxic chemicals during the course of their service. Julie achieved a 100% success rate and was pivotal in significantly changing the lives of these Defence Force personnel.

Wyatts Compensation Lawyers have four offices conveniently located in the Sydney CBD, Rockdale, Parramatta and Liverpool. Call Wyatts today on 1800 773 880 or contact us via our online form for an attentive and personalised service. Remember to ask for more information about our No Win, No Fee policy.

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