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Denis Shultz - Compensation Lawyer Rockdale

Denis is one of the most experienced compensation lawyers in the Sydney region and a long-serving member of the Wyatts legal team. He began practising law in 1966, bringing his wealth of knowledge to Wyatts in 2007. Today he works in the Wyatts Compensation Lawyers Rockdale office. Over his many years in practice, Denis has watched the law change and evolve with the community, and understands in great detail how past cases can reveal crucial issues in new ones.

Denis graduated from Sydney University with the respected Arts Law degree and since then has become a key contributor to the Wyatts team in many areas of law:

  • Workplace Compensation
  • Medical Compensation
  • General Negligence Claims
  • CTP / Motor Vehicle Claims

Denis takes pride in being part of a long-standing tradition of serving the community and believes in making his knowledge, experience and analytical skills available to all clients, whatever their background. He is dedicated to assisting people affected by incidents or injustice attain fair compensation for their problems, and he works tirelessly to achieve the best results he can in every case he takes on.

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