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Eunice Lee - Compensation Lawyer, public liability, motor accidents, medical negligence, workers comp

Eunice combines a friendly, welcoming openness to clients with a focused and dedicated attention to detail. Eunice obtained her Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours, combining her course with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology). More recently, she has also achieved her Masters of Law (Applied Law). She applies her abilities in analysis and critical thinking to many areas of compensation law, including:

  • Motor Accident Claims
  • General Negligence Claims
  • Medical Compensation
  • Victims of Sexual Abuse

Eunice believes that every client deserves an understanding and compassionate legal service. She is deeply empathetic to clients who have been affected, physically or emotionally, by an incident or an injustice. She was especially privileged to offer legal assistance to one client with quadriplegia, and his family.

Eunice’s commitment to people extends far beyond her work. She enjoys travelling to explore diverse places and cultures, and regularly catching up with close-knit friends. She is also an avid tennis-watcher.

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