Superannuation / TPD

If you have taken out TPD (Total Permanent Disability) insurance through your superannuation fund, and you need to claim it, you have the right to legal help to get past any hurdles that the superannuation company and the insurer might put in your way.

Wyatts Compensation Lawyers are specialists in TPD and superannuation claims. The legal team has years of experience in securing insurance and compensation for people who have suffered disability because of illnesses or incidents. Call Wyatts today on 1800 773 880 or send an email.

TPD and Superannuation Claims: What You Need to Know

When you start saving for your superannuation, your superannuation fund will offer you insurance for Total and Permanent Disability (TPD). When you choose to include this in your policy, you will be covered if you experience an incident or an illness that leaves you disabled, and if that happens, then you would usually receive a lump sum payment, to help make up for any lost earnings and to improve your quality of life.

If you are disabled as a result of an incident or an illness, the first things you should do are seek expert medical advice and contact your superannuation fund about your TPD insurance cover.

You will only need legal advice and representation if your super fund tries to prevent you from claiming the TPD insurance you are entitled to.

To claim TPD insurance from your super fund, you need to prove that your disability has made you permanently unable to work in your chosen profession. Even if you might be able to work in some other way, you can still make a TPD claim from your super fund: it is the job you are qualified for that counts.

What a TPD or Superannuation Claim covers

Every superannuation fund offers a range of options when you join them. It is always important to read the fine print before you sign up for any superannuation plan, because that is where the details of what you can claim are written, including TPD insurance. Consulting your financial advisor can also be very important and useful.

Before you make a TPD or Superannuation Claim from your superannuation fund, be sure to check very carefully what the fund covers. Sometimes superannuation funds and insurers could try and prevent you from claiming something that definitely is in the fine print.

If your superannuation fund does cover TPD insurance, and you are left disabled by an incident or illness, you can claim:

  • Lost earnings, due to you being unable to work in the job you are qualified for
  • Medical costs, including for ongoing care
  • Payouts to any other person named in the insurance policy, if the main person named in the policy has passed away

How a TPD or Superannuation Claim works

Making a Superannuation Claim for TPD insurance is always distressing, because, after all, it means you have been severely ill or physically affected in an incident and are disabled, and if you are seeking legal advice, it will be because you have been prevented from claiming a payout. Wyatts Compensation Lawyers offer compassionate and personal legal advice and work hard to get clients the compensation they are entitled to, through every step of the process.

TPD or Superannuation claims are different from other compensation claims, for many reasons, but expert legal help will make the whole process smoother and less stressful for you.

No need to prove cause, fault or negligence

In making a TPD or Superannuation Claim, you don’t need to prove the cause of your disability, or that it was anyone else’s fault, or that it resulted from your employer or anyone else being negligent.

All you need to prove is that your disability will prevent you from working in the profession you are qualified for.

TPD or Superannuation Claims can combine with other claims

Depending on your circumstances, you can claim TPD insurance from your superannuation fund at the same time as making other compensation claims.

These claims could involve:

  • WorkCover compensation
  • Medical compensation
  • General negligence claims
  • Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance, if a car or other motor vehicle was part of the cause of your disability

Your disability didn’t have to have happened at work

While you will be claiming TPD insurance because your disability means you can’t work in your normal job, that job doesn’t have to have been the cause of your disability. You could have been physically affected by an incident or suffered illness in any way or in any situation outside your normal job, but as long as that prevents you from doing that job, your claim still counts.

More generous time limits for TPD or Superannuation claims

Sometimes it is hard to predict how a disability will affect your future in your job. Sometimes a disability might take a long time to appear and interfere with your work. Unlike in many other compensation cases, where a claim has to start within 3 years of an incident or illness, the law allows TPD or Superannuation claims much more time, depending on each person’s situation.

Why choose Wyatts for a TPD or Superannuation claim?

The legal team at Wyatts has more than 50 years of combined experience in compensation law, and the staff includes an accredited specialist in the field. The Wyatts team knows how painful and distressing it is to be left disabled, and then face legal obstacles claiming the compensation you deserve. Wyatts Compensation Lawyers have the knowledge, skills and tenacity to fight for your rights against big insurance companies, no matter how long it takes.

At Wyatts, the legal team know that many clients are going through hard times, and so they offer everyone dedicated personal attention. Wyatts staff members will travel to your home if you are disabled. The team is made up of some of the hardest working lawyers in Sydney, and they will do what it takes to win your case, so that you can recover your quality of life. And Wyatts staff never just treat their clients like numbers.

The compensation lawyers at Wyatts are ready to assist you, in any of the firm’s four offices, conveniently located in the Sydney CBD, Parramatta or Rockdale. In the Sydney CBD and Parramatta you will need an appointment to visit us, but wherever you live, our phone lines are open 24/7. Wyatts can also help you in your own language: the staff includes Tagalog and Mandarin translators and interpreters for any other languages can be arranged.

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