Workplace Law

Workplace Law, also known as Employment Law or Industrial Relations Law, can be a legal minefield when things go wrong.

Workplace LawIf you are an employer and want to minimise the likelihood of potential claims from employees, we can help you with drafting employment or contractor agreements.

If are concerned about your legal standing for a claim from an employee (such as sexual harassment, unfair dismissal, or OH&S), our lawyers can help in minimising the impact of the claim.

We are regularly involved in negotiation and mediation sessions with opposing parties and in most cases, our Workplace Lawyers are able to settle workplace disputes outside of court. In the event however, that no agreement can be reached, we are also experienced and skilled litigators and vehemently defend (or represent) our clients in court.

Wyatts offer advice and representation for the following areas of Workplace Law:

  • Workplace agreements – employment, consultant and contractor
  • Workplace health and safety – WorkCover prosecutions

If you are looking for to resolve a workplace dispute quickly and with minimal impact on your business, contact Wyatts today on 1800 773 880.