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Wyatts Compensation Lawyers have an outstanding record of achieving positive outcomes for clients. While most cases are settled out of court, Wyatts have a strong history of representing clients at all levels of the legal system, from local courts to the High Court.

Below are several landmark cases that illustrate our success:

Grace Wang’s Catastrophic Epidural Injury

In a tragic case of medical negligence during the birth of her son, Grace Wang was administered antiseptic rather than anaesthetic while receiving an epidural. As a consequence, Grace acquired nerve damage that has left her in constant pain and has rendered her paralysed from the waist down. She was unable to hold and care for her son; and her husband, Jason Zheng, has had to care for READ MORE ...

  Grace. Ultimately, the Chinese-Australian family have endured a great deal of psychological distress caused by this catastrophic epidural injury.

Neville Wyatt and the Wyatts legal team achieved a successful compensation claim for Grace Wang and her family. Subsequently, they have been able to move into a new home equipped to support the needs of the family. Read more about Grace Wang’s experience in this Sydney Morning Herald article.

Justice Achieved for Our Client

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work and recognition you provided me. You have done more for me than anyone. I feel so happy I can close the book now and live a much happier and relaxed life thank Tim and Peter and your husband and everyone at the office and everyone who helped get me justice now I can look forward to a much brighter future with my children i can’t thank you enough ❤?

Successful Judgment in Favour of Our Client

Earlier in 2018, Wyatts represented four sisters who brought proceedings in tort against their biological father for historical child sexual assault claims. These matters were complex and confrontational as they detailed sexual and physical abuse sustained by the plaintiffs on an almost weekly basis from 1970 to the early 1980s. Once we obtained judgment the matters were assessed in the District Court of New South Wales with a combined judgment of more than $2.8 million.

B Watson vs Chief of Army

Wyatts achieved a victory for their client, B Watson, at a Defence Force Discipline Appeal Tribunal. The successful appeal resulted in the overturning of a conviction and sentence previously imposed by the Defence Force Magistrate. In addition to the appeal success, Wyatts claimed legal costs for the client from the Chief of Army.

For more information, please view the full case study.

Successful Judgment in Favour of Our Client, October 2019

In the mid-1990’s, our client was in his early teenage years when he was groomed by a neighbour. The neighbour went on to sexually abuse our client over a number of years, with the assaults gradually increasing in severity. When the physical abuse when our client got older, psychological abuse continued as the abuser continued to be in contact with our client, telling him of assaults on other children.


The abuse caused our client a life of torment. From a child who enjoyed school, he was expelled and never completed his education. His family life fell apart, and he was in and out of employment for many years. Nightmares, poor sleep, anger, anxiety and severe depression became the defining features of our client’s life.

Our client found the courage to report the assaults to police in 2017, leading to an extensive investigation. The neighbour was eventually arrested and pleaded guilty to the assaults upon our client. The abuser was incarcerated, and may well die in prison.

At the moment our client needed a fighter in his corner, he approached Wyatts Lawyers. We were shocked at the serious abuse he had suffered, but were not surprised at the terrible toll it had taken on his life. Stories such as his are common amongst our clients who have been abused.

Mitchell Broom, an Accredited Specialist in personal injury law, along with the team at Wyatts, took on the case and quickly placed the abuser on notice of our client’s claim for damages. Within two months of approaching the firm, the case was filed in the Supreme Court of NSW seeking damages.

Our client’s abuser did not respond to the claim, and we applied for a default judgment, securing a hearing date less than 12 months after our client approached us to help.

Our careful preparation convinced the Court that our client had suffered truly catastrophic injuries that changed the course of his life. We are proud that our preparation of the case ensured our client received record compensation for his pain and suffering, loss of income, need for assistance around his home, and the devastating effects of continuing medication upon his health.

On 3 October 2019, our client was awarded damages of over $3.5 million dollars, plus legal costs. We believe this is a record judgment for a sexual abuse case in NSW, and this will assist other victims of sexual abuse.

While no amount of compensation can reverse the suffering our client experiences, we are hopeful this money can change his life for the better.

We are committed to achieving record results for every client. If we can help you with your claim, please call us. We will listen to your story, prepare your claim quickly, and do everything we can to win for you.

Significant Victory and Swift Justice for Our Client

We acted for a victim who had been sexually abused by a close family member over an extensive period. The abuse was extensive and extreme, and had severely impacted our client such that her ability to work and form relationships had been seriously damaged. Our client had the courage to talk to police many years later, and the perpetrator pleaded guilty and was READ MORE ...

  convicted. While the criminal proceedings were finalised, court proceedings began to seek compensation for our client. The Court delivered judgment within three months of the legal proceedings beginning, and assessed our client’s damages at over $1.2million, including general damages (past and future), interest on general damages, past loss of income, future loss of income plus interest, and loss of superannuation.

This case was decided before the NSW Parliament which removed time limits for historical sexual abuse claims, and was therefore a significant victory for our client, delivering swift justice and much-needed compensation for the abuse suffered.

This client had approached several other law firms, who had turned our client away saying the case was too difficult. We were confident in the case and committed to achieving justice for our client and seeing it through, achieving an exceptional result.

Mediation with the Commonwealth of Australia

Solicitor Director Julie Wyatt successfully represented members of the Royal Australian Air Force in 30 mediations against the Commonwealth of Australia. These complex mediations, commonly referred to as the deseal/reseal cases, sought to achieve compensation for significant injuries sustained by servicemen and women as a consequence of toxic chemical exposure  READ MORE ...

while working on the F-111 aircraft.

Julie achieved an unheard of 100% success rate in obtaining compensation for these workplace injuries, and consequently, she has been pivotal in significantly changing the lives of these plaintiffs.

Compensation Received Within 12 Months

We acted for a victim who had been sexually abused by the father of a friend. The daily sexual abuse spanned the course of one week, however the impacts of the abuse were lifelong and impacted our client’s ability to work, interact with friends, and maintain a married relationship. The abuse also caused a spiral into drug addiction and self-harm. After many years, our client faced READ MORE ...

the perpetrator in court, who pleaded guilty to the charges against several others as well as our client. We commenced civil proceedings, quickly and efficiently preparing the matter and using the court system to our client’s advantage. Our expert preparation and detailed knowledge of the process ensured a significant judgment in our client’s favour of just short of half a million dollars, and our client received his compensation less than 12 months after the process started.

Not Just Winners, BIG Winners!

Wyatts achieves record compensation payouts for clients. Our team works tirelessly towards achieving the best outcomes for clients.

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