Workers Compensation

Have you been injured at work? Have you been the victim of an employer’s negligence? Have you had to give up your everyday life because of pain or ongoing medical treatment, or have you been disabled? Does your injury, illness or disability mean you can’t work any more? Do you feel you have been cheated out of fair treatment by your employer or their insurer?

Worker Compensation LawyerIf you or someone in your family is injured or disabled at work, while travelling for work, or while going to or from work, then under NSW law you have a right to claim compensation. Workplace injuries can seriously affect your life, but compensation payouts can be large and can ease your pain and suffering, helping you recover quality of life. Workers Compensation can even help you get back to work.

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Injuries at work

In NSW, Workers Compensation insurance is compulsory for most employers. Compensation payouts are regulated by the WorkCover Authority. You can claim Workers Compensation no matter what your employment status in a business – you are eligible for Workers Compensation whether you are a full-time, part-time or casual employee.

No matter what profession, business or trade you work in, you trust your employers and fellow employees to keep conditions and equipment safe at all times, just as you are trusted to do the same. Even so, mistakes and accidents can happen and cause you injury–sometimes by chance, while at other times by negligence. Items might fall off shelves, or the shelves might collapse. Equipment left lying in a doorway, aisle or corridor might cause trips and falls. You might be instructed to lift, carry or move an object in an unsafe way or without proper preparation. Safety procedures might be out of date or even absent, or you might not receive proper instructions about work methods or processes in your workplace, leading you to injure yourself.

Whatever your case, you may well be entitled to Workers Compensation for your injury.

Workers Compensation ClaimWhat kinds of Workers Compensation am I entitled to?

If you or someone you love has been hurt, suffered an injury or is now disabled because of a work-related injury, the first thing you or they should do is seek medical care. The compensation you are entitled to will depend on how serious your workplace injury or disability is.

Non-serious injuries: direct claims from WorkCover

If your injury or disability is not serious, you may not need legal help, but can claim compensation straight from WorkCover. Click here to visit the website of WorkCover NSW.

If your workplace injury is not serious and you decide to claim compensation directly from your state’s WorkCover authority, it is important to keep your employer informed about your claim. That way, you can receive the compensation you deserve and discuss with your employer how (if possible) you can return to work soon and without conflict.

Serious workplace injuries or insurance problems: compensation mediation or litigation

If you or your loved one’s workplace injury is serious–potentially involving disability or long-term medical care–and involves a large amount of compensation, then you may need to seek help from a Workers Compensation lawyer like those at Wyatt’s. Large compensation payouts can go a long way toward helping you recover your quality of life. However if your case is serious, big insurers could make it harder for you to claim the compensation you deserve. The Worker Compensation Lawyers at Wyatt’s have the tenacity and expertise to argue your case in mediation with the insurers or in Workers Compensation litigation in court. We can fight for you no matter how long your case takes.

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What can I claim under Workers Compensation?

Whatever business you work in, your employer should be covered by Workers Compensation insurance. If you suffer an injury or a disability because of an accident at work, or while travelling for work purposes, you are covered for:

  • Disability, including back injuries, broken limbs RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)
  • Mental illness, including stress and trauma
  • Asbestos and dust diseases and toxic chemical exposure
  • Long-term illness and other ongoing health impacts

The compensation payout you are entitled to depends on your personal situation. WorkCover has to take into account:

  • how badly you were injured, or the extent of your disability
  • how much you have had to pay to cover your medical expenses
  • how much of your earnings you have lost or will lose
  • how much pain and suffering you have experienced

Your compensation payout could cover your medical expenses, make up for lost wages, or offer comfort for your suffering and hardship. Payouts can come as a lump sum or in weekly instalments. Workers Compensation will also cover your legal fees, which Wyatts will keep as low as possible.

Work Injury Damages

If your workplace injury is highly serious–such as a permanent physical or mental disability, an ongoing medical condition that means you can’t work, or you suffer great pain and suffering–and it was caused by your employer’s negligence, you may be entitled to another kind of compensation: Work Injury Damages. This is a separate kind of Workers Compensation that specifically involves taking the employer to court and showing their liability.

Workers Compensation Facts

If you are injured or disabled at work, or if someone in your family suffers a workplace accident, then you have the right to seek compensation, but sometimes employers and insurers make it hard for you to claim what you are entitled to. At Wyatts, our job is explain clearly how Workers Compensation law relates to your case and to represent you before the law, in mediation or in court. Here are some facts about Workers Compensation you may find useful for your claim.

Workers Compensation Attorney Sydney

Work Injury Damages for severe or permanent disability

If your workplace injury disabled you, or had severe long-term impacts on your physical or mental health and your ability to work, then you are eligible to claim Work Injury Damages. This payout comes as a lump sum and can be very large. However, Work Injury Damages can only be paid once all your other WorkCover payouts are completed.

To claim Work Injury Damages, you need to prove:

  • your accident and injury or disability were caused because your employer was negligent


  • you have suffered at least 15% Whole Person Impairment, which an independent medical expert has to confirm

Click here to visit the Work Injury Damages information page at WorkCover.


Accidents and injuries while traveling for work

If you were injured in an accident (for which you weren’t responsible) while you were on a work-related trip, or while you were travelling to or from work, you can still claim workers compensation from WorkCover. You could have been driving, walking or using public transport (bus, ferry, train): if your travel was related to work, you can claim compensation for your accident and your suffering from injury or disability.

Returing to work after an injury: no job risk

WorkCover’s job is to ensure that you receive the compensation you’re entitled to, but it also protects your employer from the financial stress of that payout. You and your employer are both covered fairly.

As long as your accident was not caused by negligence, and you are still able to do your job, you should be able to return to work and keep up good relations with your employer.

Your employer should offer a return-to-work scheme, arranging your working times and tasks so that you can resume your role in a way that doesn’t upset your recovery. Your employer should also help you resume your original pay-level.

Why choose Wyatts to be your Workers Comp lawyer?

Wyatts Compensation Attorney

The Wyatts legal team includes some of Sydney’s most experienced personal injury and workplace compensation lawyers, with more than 150 years of combined experience. Our Solicitor Director Neville Wyatt is an accredited specialist in personal injury law. When making a Workers Compensation claim that kind of experience matters. You need a worker compensation lawyer with the tenacity, skill and knowledge to represent your rights strongly and that will support your claim successfully.

To be injured at work and face losing your earnings, or to see that happen to someone in your family is always distressing. At Wyatts we offer every client personal attention–working for the results they need to recover and get back to work, wherever possible. We focus on you and our staff will never treat you like a number.

For all WorkCover claims, your first consultation with Wyatts is free. If you are disabled we will travel to your home, wherever you live. Our phone lines are open 24/7. We can also talk to you in your own language: we have in-house Mandarin and Tagalog translators and we can engage interpreters for any other language.

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For most workers compensation claims, our policy is No Win, No Fee.