Testimonial: My compensation journey as an institutional abuse survivor

My compensation journey as an institutional abuse survivor

I was abused by a priest at the age of twelve and went through two court cases, the second of which resulted in a 15-year jail sentence for the perpetrator. Whilst that was an amazing outcome, for the last couple of years I’ve lived with the thought of getting some financial compensation for what I went through.

Due to the trauma and PTSD which I have lived since the abuse, as well as the time between the court cases, which was spread over 34 years. To say that I was hesitant and scared to start other legal proceedings was an understatement. However, I felt it was time that I received the compensation that I deserved.

One evening after doing research on compensation lawyers that specialised in this area, my wife contacted Wyatts Compensation Lawyers by email. Only one hour later I was contacted by Julie Wyatt, the Director of the firm. That was the start of my compensation journey, which I was to learn, I certainly wasn’t on alone.

My case was handed to Camille Capati and assisted by Vanessa. They were amazing and helped me every step of the way through this very difficult and emotional journey. From talking to me, Camille understood what the abuse had done to me and how to

treat me like a friend and not a client. My biggest fear was going to court again. Due to Camille and her team’s hard work, we managed to settle out of court, which was a dream come true.

The settlement doesn’t take away the pain that the abuse caused me and what I have had to live with, but it certainly helps. An amazing outcome for myself and my family which would not have been possible without the dedication of Wyatts Compensation Lawyers.

I couldn’t recommend them highly enough and will always be grateful for their dedication and hard work. Thank you.


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