Asbestos & Toxic Chemicals

Toxic Chemical Exposure Compensation SolicitorIt might seem unusual and irrelevant to your life, but a Toxic Chemical accident, such as a chemical spill, or exposure to a toxic substance like Asbestos, is a real risk given today’s high-density industry and technology. Toxic Chemicals and substances like acid, oil or Asbestos can cause serious injuries, pain, suffering, disability and disease.

Wyatts understand the risks of toxic chemicals and Asbestos and we know that governments, industries, insurers and chemical manufacturers will try to cover them up.

If you have been injured or disabled, or have suffered a disease because you came into contact with toxic chemicals or dust, Wyatts are the compensation lawyers you need. We can get you the compensation and justice that others can’t, whether through mediation or litigation.

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What is Toxic Chemical Exposure?

Heavy industry and technology are essential in our everyday life. They are integral in the production of the energy and goods we consume, in the construction of the buildings we live in, and are vital in servicing our transportation needs. The chemicals and processes involved are complex, but in Australia they are managed by specialised workers and scientific experts.

However, mistakes do happen. Industrial plants, building sites and factories are dangerous and pose major risks. If safety precautions for handling toxic chemicals fail, or if an employer or company takes no safety measures at all because of negligence or recklessness, and you come into physical contact with a toxic chemical in any way, you have the right to claim personal injury compensation.

How does Toxic Chemical Exposure happen?

Toxic Chemical Accident

You can be injured or disabled by Toxic Chemicals even if you have minimal contact with them – through unprotected physical contact, being within close proximity, inhaling dust or gas, getting them on your skin or in your eyes, or eating or drinking a contaminated substance.

Chemicals and substances like Asbestos have had many uses in the past and take different forms today, most of which we never see. We trust experts, governments and industrial management to keep us safe from side effects. Normally, once an industrial process is over, any chemicals that are left behind in products, in buildings or in places used by people should be harmless.

Toxic Chemical Exposure is one of the worst and most distressing accidents anyone can experience. Toxic Chemicals are often invisible, and if we do notice them they may not look or smell as dangerous as they are. They may just seem strange and unwanted and we may simply try to get rid of them ourselves, without realising the physical harm they can cause. If a product still contains traces of Toxic Chemicals or an industrial site is negligently managed and Toxic Chemicals are not fully processed or removed, they can cause severe injury, disease, illness and disability to innocent people.

In other cases, chemicals and substances can still be harmful no matter how widely they are used or how much processing they undergo. Asbestos was used in houses and household products as a fire retardant material, but its toxic nature and the injury and disease that Asbestos dust causes were not recognised for many years. Many old houses and household items are now turning out to be filled with this deadly toxic substance.

Toxic Chemical Exposure can have unpredictable effects, and often they are very serious. Asbestos and dust can cause lung diseases like mesothelioma, acids can burn skin and eyes, while many other substances and chemicals can cause cancer and other diseases that lead to long-term suffering.

Toxic Chemical Exposure cases require a lot of evidence and scientific proof, so they can be complex and take a lot of time to prepare. But that doesn’t mean that your injury or disease isn’t real – your suffering certainly is. Call Wyatts Compensation Lawyers for legal advice on Toxic Chemical Exposure and diseases today on 1800 773 880 or book an appointment.

How do I claim compensation for Toxic Chemical Exposure?

Compensation for Toxic Chemical Exposure cases can be difficult to achieve. It might be obvious that you deserve personal injury compensation, but to win to a case can be challenging. This isn’t just because the effects of Toxic Chemicals can sometimes be hard to measure and predict, but especially because governments, insurers and above all big companies often fight back with major resources to cover up facts and escape liability. Remember how much hard work it took to win compensation for Asbestos victims? Years went by before the companies responsible for the Asbestos exposure admitted that they were liable. Also, a Toxic Chemical case may involve different areas of compensation law, like Workers’ Compensation, Medical Negligence or Public Liability.

However, at Wyatts we are ready to advise you and fight for the Toxic Chemical Exposure compensation you’re entitled to, no matter how hard your case may seem. We have more than 50 years’ combined experience in compensation and personal injury cases, and we can tailor our experience to suit your case.

To give your Toxic Chemical case the best chance of winning compensation for personal injury or disease, you should seek legal advice from Wyatts now. You should also:

  • Seek medical opinions and treatment as soon as possible
  • Keep copies of medical records (notes, prescriptions) and images (X-rays, scans)
  • Take photos of the place where you found, inhaled or touched the Toxic Chemicals, as soon after the accident as you can
  • Write a detailed description of how you encountered the Toxic Chemicals, especially if you were working with them and knew that your employer or manager was negligent, or if safety precautions weren’t followed or were inadequate
  • If you live or work in a building where you know there is Asbestos, take photos of every place where the Asbestos is found
  • Take photos of the effects of your injury, disability or disease
  • Obtain contact details of witnesses
  • Keep copies of receipts to show your expenses, or payslips to show what you have lost from your earnings

What can I claim compensation for in a Toxic Chemical case?

Toxic Chemical Exposure can severely impact your life, health and well-being. It could injure you badly, give you a disease or even disable you and stop you from working. There are many forms of compensation for accidents, diseases, injuries or disabilities like yours. Compensation payouts can come as lump sums or in weekly instalments. You can claim compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering – this payout is usually a lump sum, which is often large
  • Loss of earnings (past and future) if your disease, disability or injury prevents you from working
  • Costs for medical treatment and your ongoing care
  • Legal costs – although for most personal injury compensation cases, the Wyatts policy is that if your case doesn’t win, you don’t have to pay

Why choose Wyatts for a Toxic Chemicals compensation case?

Wyatts Compensation Attorney

At Wyatts we have the experience needed to make government agencies and industrial companies sit up and take notice of your case. Neville Wyatt, the firm’s Solicitor Director, is an accredited specialist in personal injury law and has worked with all levels of government on major public inquiries, including a Chief of Defence Force Inquiry, the Kovco coronial inquest, the Sea King Board of Inquiry and the HMAS Success Commission of Inquiry.

Even if a Toxic Chemical compensation case goes into mediation instead of court, Wyatts Compensation Lawyers still have what it takes to argue for your rights and win the compensation you are entitled to. In Toxic Chemical compensation cases, like all public liability cases, experience matters. It takes intensive argument and a large amount of evidence to win compensation, especially when insurers, governments and big companies fight back. You need lawyers with the tenacity, skill and knowledge to lead your compensation claim to success.

You can call Wyatts 24/7 and if you are disabled we will travel to your home, no matter where you live. We have a multilingual team and have in-house Mandarin and Tagalog translators. We can also bring in interpreters for any other language if you need them. All Wyatts clients receive one-on-one attention, which is important if you are distressed, going through hard times, or suffering pain or disease. We work hard to get results that can help you recover quality of life, and Wyatts staff will never treat you as a number.

Wyatts Personal Injury Law Firm has five offices conveniently located near many of our clients’ businesses, workplaces and homes as well as major hospitals in the Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Rockdale and Liverpool. You do need an appointment for our Sydney CBD and Parramatta offices, but no matter where you live, you can contact Wyatts at any time on 1800 773 880 or send us an email via our contact form.

For most compensation and personal injury claims, our policy is No Win, No Fee.