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Legal matters, especially those that involve compensation, may be a bit confusing to some people. Most of the time when you are looking for legal services, you may be skeptical about winning your case. The first and most important thing to do when looking for such services is to go to a reputable law firm. Once your case is in their hands, all you have to do is wait for your compensation. So who are the most reputable compensation lawyers NSW has available?

Meet Wyatts Compensation Lawyers

The secret to winning a legal compensation case is to have a strong team of dedicated and intelligent lawyers. Wyatts has one of the most experienced team of compensation lawyers Sydney has to offer. The team of ten includes:

Personal Injury Law Firm

Julie Wyatt – Director, Compensation Lawyer

Neville Wyatt – Director, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law.

Compensation Lawyers:

Mitchell Broom

Eunice Lee

Denis Shultz

Monique Smiles

Maryam Dehsabzi

Skye McKinnon

Dan Wilkinson

Maree Beaver – Senior Administrative Assistant/ Office Manager

The team has a combined experience of over 50 years in compensation law, so you are assured of expert representation. We have five offices in Rockdale (Head Office), Sydney CBD, Parramatta and Liverpool. Wyatts has a multilingual team with our compensation lawyers and support staff coming from a variety of different backgrounds. In many cases, we can assign you a lawyer who can speak to you in your preferred language.

Whether it is a compensation lawyer or a compensation solicitor you are looking for, you are sure to have unequaled representation for your case at Wyatts. For a more detailed profile of each member of the team, please visit

In which area of compensation law are you seeking representation?

There are a lot of things that ordinary citizens do not know about insurance claims, and quite frankly may not want to stress themselves in. At Wyatts, a compensation lawyer will ease your burden by meeting with the insurers on your behalf. Your only focus will be to recover from your injuries and instead, you can let the experts handle your case. If you are involved in an accident that may or may not have been as a result of your negligence, you are surely entitled to compensation.

Areas of compensation law include:

Car Accident Compensation

Public Liability

Toxic Chemical and Asbestos Exposure

Medical Negligence

Workers Compensation


Accident Injury ClaimsCar Accident Compensation

This is perhaps the most sought-after form of compensation there is in this country, and especially in NSW. We will try to elaborate as much as possible the most pressing issues. More information on the areas that may not have been covered in this article can be found on our website, or by calling us on the number provided.

In NSW all drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists are covered by the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) scheme and it is law for all drivers to carry CTP insurance. When you are involved in an auto accident you can lay claim for compensation. Car accidents are covered by the Motor Accidents Compensation Act. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, make the call today on 1800 773 880 and talk to an expert in this area of compensation.

You can lay claim for compensation for the following:

  • cost of rehabilitation and medical treatment,
  • future medical treatment,
  • loss of income and superannuation- past and future,
  • free assistance from well wishers,
  • care and assistance you need around your home,
  • pain and suffering,
  • legal costs.

You can be compensated for up to $492,000 depending on your particular situation. Our NO WIN, NO FEE policy means that we will cover the initial legal costs (including medical reports and consultation) and only charge legal fees after have received your compensation.

Before you can lay your claim, there are some steps that you take. The steps are as follows:

  1. Report the accident to your doctor and the police and obtain an event number and have the motor accident medical certificate filled by the doctor.
  2. Complete an Accident Notification Form and lodge it with the CTP insurer, for access to up to $5,000 of medical expenses. This is if your accident was less than 28 days ago.
  3. If your accident was more than 28 days ago, complete the Personal Injury Claim Form and lodge it with the CTP insurer within 6 months. You may need the services of a Legal representative for this because of the form’s importance.
  4. Even if your accident happened more than 6 months ago, but less than 3 years ago, you can still file a claim.

If there are any questions, please be sure to call one of our experts on 1800 773 880.

Public Liability

You may be interested to know that there is a law that covers compensation for accidents that occur in public places or private properties. The Civil Liability Act seeks to protect you against injuries caused to you due to negligence from another person. A simple accident like breaking a leg because you slipped on a slippery floor, or when your foot went into a hole left unmanned in the pavement, or you got skin damage because of beauty product that you used was not good – these will not be taken lightly. You should and will be compensated for this.

Under Public Liability Law, personal injury compensation payouts cover:

  • trips, slips, falls
  • defective products
  • food poisoning and allergies
  • physical and sexual assault
  • animal attacks
  • injuries to children playing in playgrounds and parks
  • injuries sustained in sporting activities, etc.

These payouts may come in weekly or lump sum compensation. As usual there are things that you may need to have to lay your claim. These include:

  • seek medical treatment as soon as possible to get the doctor’s medical report.
  • An Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law will then come in handy to help you build your case.
  • For your case you may need to have at least photos of the accident scene, photos of the injuries you sustained, or any other physical evidence.
  • Also you may need a statement of an eye witness to the accident, if available, together with his/her contact details.

If you need more help on this do not hesitate to call an expert on 1800 773 880.

Toxic Chemical Exposure ClaimsAsbestos and Toxic Chemicals

Workers working with toxic chemicals may have the training and expertise in dealing with the health hazards associated with them, but in case of an unavoidable accident and these toxic chemicals get into the environment there is bound to be some people affected, in one way or another. If this happens, or has happened to you, you should be compensated. These are among the worst form of accidents that can occur, and that is the reason why we at Wyatt are offering representation on these cases. Unfortunately most of these accidents involve a lot of people, especially if the infections are spread either through the air or water.

However, you will still need to be compensated for it, even though such cases are known to take a long time before compensation is actually given. Normally they involve big companies with their big lawyers, but thanks to Wyatt you too can be represented well by equally big lawyers.

Just like the other compensation claim requirements, make sure that you get all the necessary reports and physical evidence of the injuries or infections that were sustained as a result of the toxic chemicals. For this you may need to consult a qualified legal representative for you to have a strong enough case for your compensation.

Medical Negligence

Another familiar case of compensation claim is that of medical negligence. Even though Australia has some of the most qualified medical practitioners in the world, something that we pride ourselves in, mistakes may occur from time to time. This is why it is very important to note if your disability or predicament was as a result of medical negligence or not, before you can lay claim to compensation. For this you will need the services of a professional.

Medical practitioners and the institutions that offer medical care are required by law to offer best level of care to patients. This is what is referred to as duty of care. If in any of the following cases is deemed as negligence, then they have a case to answer, and you as the victim of these circumstances can lay a claim for compensation.

  • Failure to treat an injury, illness, or disability,
  • Mistaken diagnosis and subsequent wrong treatment offered,
  • Lack of proper warning of the dangers of an injury,
  • Errors, malpractices, or negligence in a surgical procedure,
  • Faulty medical machine that result in further harm to the patient,
  • Errors, malpractices, or negligence during and after child birth, etc.

If such medical negligence cases befall you and are otherwise incapacitated, you may lay claim for:

  • pain, suffering, and disability,
  • loss of earnings if you can produce evidence of past earnings, e.g payslips,
  • cost of on going medical care and treatment,
  • equipment such as hoists, wheelchairs, special beds, etc,
  • legal costs.

All claims must be made within 3 years of having had an injury, disability, or illness caused by medical negligence. Obviously you will need to get evidence like reports from another qualified medical practitioner for you to lay your claim. Also you need to keep copied of all the physical evidence showing how much you have been affected by the medical negligence case. Make sure that you also have all the receipts of the expenses you may incur in your treatment and care.

Ask for more details from an expert at Wyatt’s Sydney Compensation lawyers.

Workers Compensation ClaimWorkers Compensation

We all have had fears at some point of loosing our jobs due to an injury sustained while still at the workplace, right? Well, if you are unfortunate enough to loose any part of your body due to an injury sustained while still at work, you may need to call a Lawyer to open up a file for your compensation claim. It may have been due to the employer’s negligence that you sustained an injury, and so you are entitled to a form of compensation. Workers Compensation Insurance is a must for any employer in NSW. Compensation payouts are regulated by the WorkCover Authority, and so you are eligible whether you are a full-time or casual worker. Of course it is the responsibility of an employee to observe and adhere to safety rules and regulations, but if an accident occurs while you are observing such rules and you are still injured you should claim compensation. There are some exceptions as to the degree of injury, but all the same you should seek expert advice and not allow yourself to be conned by your employer.

Just like all the other compensation claims, you should keep all the reports and records safely after the accident. If you have an eye witness you should get their statement and contact details. It is also important to cooperate with your employer, because if the case is minor and you refuse to accept the compensation you may loose your job. Call 1800 773 880 if you have any question regarding workers compensation.

It is important to also note that WorkCover will have to take into account:

  • how badly you were injured, or the extent of your disability,
  • how much you have had to pay for your medical expenses,
  • how much of your earnings you have lost, or will lose,
  • how much pain and suffering you have endured.

More details on these and other compensation areas can be found on

 If you would like any further information about how we can help you, speak with one of our legal experts, Call us today and let’s make your claims a reality.