Coal Miners Compensation


Wyatts Compensation Lawyers represent coal miners and contractors who have been injured or acquired an illness while at a coal mine. If you are looking for a coal mine compensation lawyer to help with a claim and that will treat you with respect, contact us today. Win with Wyatts!

Were you injured while working in or around a coal mine?

Are you a coal miner injured due to unsafe work conditions?

Are you a contractor or third-party worker employed by a mining company, and were you injured on a mine site?

Coal miners are exposed to significant risk, including work site accidents and exposure to harmful dust and chemicals. Unfortunately, the risks are increased if work conditions are unsafe or if your employer is negligent. Coal mining injuries can have a profoundly negative impact on your quality of life – limiting your mobility, reducing your capacity to earn an income, causing you physical pain and psychological distress.

If you have acquired an illness, or been injured in a coal mine or on a coal mining site, then you are entitled to compensation. You may also be entitled to compensation if you were contracted by a mining company, or you were a third-party worker, like an earthmover, boilermaker, electrician or engineer.

Coal Miners Compensation

Coal miners insurance, a specialised coal miner compensation scheme for the NSW coal industry, is intended to support workers and their families throughout the stages of recovery and return-to-work. Workers compensation for coal miners differs from compensation for other workers, and coal miners have particular rights that allow them to receive increased benefits. However, coal miner claims can be complex, and miners compensation claims fall under a specialist area of compensation law. Therefore, it is vital to seek legal advice so that you can ensure you are receiving your full entitlement.

injured coal miners may be entitled to the compensation

In general, injured coal miners may be entitled to the following:

  • Lump sum compensation for any loss of function or use of a body part
  • Ongoing lump sum compensation for any deterioration of that body part
  • Lump sum compensation for pain and suffering
  • Past and future medical and treatment expenses for life
  • Past and future loss of earnings
  • Past and future loss of superannuation benefits
  • Past and future domestic assistance around the house and yard

Coal miners compensation can be provided in the form of ongoing weekly payments and coverage of medical expenses. However, under circumstances, for instance if you have sustained a permanent disability or lost a limb, compensation can be paid as a lump sum. In addition, further lump sum payments can be made if your condition deteriorates or requires further treatment. In the case that your employer was negligent, litigation action can also be taken.

If you’re a coal miner and you’ve been injured, do not delay in contacting us as strict time limits apply to claiming the above benefits.

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Wyatts Compensation Lawyers is one of Sydney’s most experienced personal injury and Workers Compensation legal firms. Our Directors Julie Wyatt and Neville Wyatt have extensive experience in compensation and Personal Injury Law, and both have a highly-respected record within the legal community. Neville is an accredited specialist in personal injury law and has represented clients at all levels of the legal system. Julie has an extensive legal career and a strong history in pursuing workers’ rights. She has successfully led high-profile mediations and has wide-ranging experience dealing with government agencies and insurance companies.

Together, our highly-qualified and dedicated team has more than 150 years of combined experience so you know that you will have the best people by your side. We will provide you with thorough and personalised advice, and with the expert legal representation you need to safeguard your future. Our team will represent you with commitment and professionalism. Importantly, we will treat you with respect and dignity ­– as more than just a “case number”.

We Listen. We Care. We Represent You.

Wyatts Compensation Lawyers offer:

A free initial consultation for all workers compensation claims

A No Win, No Fee policy

Consultation in your preferred language

Five conveniently located offices in the Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Liverpool, Brisbane and Melbourne.

In-home consultation – If you are unable to travel, we will come to you!!

If you are looking for a compensation lawyer to provide you with a comprehensive and personalised service, please call Wyatts today on 1800 773 880 or contact us using our online form.

Wyatts Represents Coal Miners Seeking Compensation

If you have been injured or acquired an illness at a mine site, we are the helping-hand you need. Our specialised team of personal injury and compensation lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in making a coal mining compensation claim. We are committed to securing the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Wyatts Compensation Lawyers have multiple offices conveniently located in the Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Liverpool, Brisbane and Melbourne. Call Wyatts today on 1800 773 880 or contact us via our online form for an attentive and personalised service. Remember to ask for more information about our No Win, No Fee policy.

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