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Our legal team have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in writing a Will, planning your estate, disputing a Will, or giving comprehensive legal advice. We can also assist with a range of family law matters. Our lawyers have the determination and skill to represent you during mediation, dispute resolution, or litigation in court. Our resolve is to secure your future by obtaining the best possible outcome.

Wyatts Help You Secure Your Legacy as your Estate Planning Lawyers

Would you like to secure your estate for your family?

Are you considering making a Will or updating an existing Will?

Do you wish to challenge or contest a Will?

Are you considering an Advanced Health Care Directive, or would you like to appoint a Power of Guardianship to manage your welfare?

Are you considering appointing a Power of Attorney to manage your financial and legal matters if you are no longer able to?

Wills and Estates Lawyers

Wyatts will help you take the legal steps required to plan your estate and create a Will. Our estate lawyers will listen carefully to your situation and offer a tailored and personalised solution so that you can feel confident that you have protected your loved ones. Additionally, we can assist you in legally stating your wishes for your end-of-life care, both medically and financially. At Wyatts, we also specialise in assisting individuals to contest a Will or challenge the distribution of an estate.

Planning your Estate and Establishing a Will

A great sense of relief can arise from knowing that your estate is in order and that your property and assets will be distributed according to your wishes upon your death. Although it can be challenging to consider the end of life, it is reassuring to know that you have arranged your affairs to ease the lives of your loved ones and to minimise any disputes that might arise.

Planning your Estate and Establishing a Will

Estate planning allows you to specify how your assets will be distributed to your beneficiaries or parties after your passing. It also allows you to have: 

  • Confidence that your current and future lifestyle requirements will be met 
  • Organised and flexible governance of your personal matters, financial affairs, and assets in light of your current circumstances and your anticipated future 
  • A thorough plan for how your trust assets will be handled 
  • Confidence in your retirement plans 
  • Confidence that your financial and legal affairs will be managed via a Power of Attorney in the event that you are incapacitated 
  • Assurances that any end-of-life medical treatment will be enacted via a Power of Guardianship and/or an Advanced Health Care Directive 
  • Protection or creation of wealth for your beneficiaries after your death via a Will

Importantly, a well-planned estate can reduce the stress experienced by loved ones at an emotionally difficult time and can minimise the potential for disputed Wills – disputes about the distribution and handling of assets after your death. 

Estate plans should be updated in response to the ending of a marriage, the forming of a new relationship, the addition of loved ones to your family, and changes in your health. Together, estate planning incorporates asset protection, tax implications, financial planning, planning for retirement, planning for end-of-life care, and the distribution of your estate after your death.  

For the protection of your estate, these matters must be considered in light of relevant legal structures, and given the complexity of this area of law, it is worth seeking expert legal advice. In fact, estate planning often requires a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, financial planners, and accountants. Wyatts can support you in the legal aspect of estate planning, ensuring that you and your loved ones are protected by law. 

When it comes to estate administration, it is safest to leave a will behind. Estate litigation can be time-consuming and avoided with the right preventions in place. A legal Will diminishes the whiplash of a contested deceased estate. 

Our highly qualified and dedicated team offer every client a comprehensive, personalised and attentive service and successfully represent countless clients in estate litigation matters each year.

The Power of Guardianship allows someone to become your enduring guardian. This means that in the event that you did not have the capacity to make lifestyle, health and medical decisions, someone would be appointed with that power to make choices in your best interest. Your enduring guardian can only make decisions for you if you lack the capacity to do so yourself – meaning you are unable to understand the nature and consequences of the decision or communicate your decision in some way. 

Wyatts can assist you in appointing an enduring guardian and ensuring your affairs are all in order ahead of time.  

Protect your future and the financial security of your loved ones.

If you are looking for an estate lawyer to provide you with comprehensive and personalised Will and estate services, please call Wyatts today on 1800 773 880 or contact us using our online form. 

We represent you with commitment and professionalism.

We Listen. We Care.

Wyatts Are Here To Help You Protect All That You Have Worked For.

Wills and Estate Lawyers

Wyatts Compensation Lawyers have six offices conveniently located in the Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Liverpool, Rockdale, Toowoomba and Brisbane. Call Wyatts today on 1800 773 880 or contact us via our online form for an attentive and personalised service. Remember to ask for more information about our No Win, No Fee policy.

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