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Wyatts Offer Legal Support with Disputed Wills

Do you believe you deserve a larger share of an estate, that a Will was fraudulent or falsely signed, or that an estate was mishandled by Executors? Our expert lawyers can help you contest a Will.

Wyatts have a multilingual team with offices in Sydney, Parramatta, Rockdale and Liverpool. Call today!

Do you feel unfairly treated in the division of an estate?

Do you wish to challenge or contest a Will?

Do you believe that a loved one was coerced into signing an unfair Will?

Do you believe that your loved one’s Will was invalid or fraudulent?

Disputing or Contesting a Will

Sometimes, despite good intentions, family members or loved ones of a deceased person can feel unfairly treated in the distribution of an estate. It may be that a loved one feels under-recognised in the Will, suspects that the Will was fraudulent, believes that the deceased did not have the capacity to write a fair Will, or that the deceased was coerced into leaving a Will that resulted in an unfair distribution of the estate. It may also have been the case that the deceased left two Wills that were written closely together in time, and were contradictory.

We understand that challenging a Will can be an incredibly difficult and emotionally-charged situation, and that is why our lawyers listen with compassion and understanding. Our commitment is to ensuring that your legal rights are upheld, and that you achieve a fair outcome.

Disputed Wills

If you believe that you are entitled to more than was left to you by a deceased loved one, then you should seek legal advice to determine if you can contest the Will. There are a number of grounds on which to contest a Will:

  • You believe you have been unfairly treated in the distribution of an estate. For example,
    • You are a child or step-child that has received a lesser share of the estate compared to your siblings
    • You were a de facto partner that was not considered in the Will
  • You believe the deceased did not have the knowledge or the mental capacity to understand the content of the Will
  • You believe the deceased was coerced into writing a Will that was against the deceased person’s wishes
  • You have reason to believe that the Will is fraudulent, and was not written or signed by the deceased
  • The disputed Will was informal and not in accordance with legal requirements
  • There were two conflicting Wills written in a short space of time
  • The disputed Will was changed or amended after it was signed

In addition, if you are a beneficiary of an estate and you believe that an executor has been negligent or has failed to manage the Will correctly, you may take legal action to have them removed from that role. You are also entitled to seek compensation if you have suffered any financial loss because of the executor’s misconduct.

If you are thinking about disputing a will, then it is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible, as there are time limits on when you can take action.

Our team of lawyers understand that disputing a Will can be a difficult process, and can be emotionally challenging. This is why we take a compassionate and personalised approach with our clients. If you are looking for a legal team that listens and treats you as more than “case number” then Wyatts can help. Contact us today to speak to one of our legal team.

Protect your future

Our highly-qualified and dedicated team has more than 150 years of combined experience – so you know that you will have the best people by your side.

At Wyatts, our commitment is to offer every client a comprehensive, personalised and attentive service. We understand that you are more than a “case number” and we will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

We listen. We care.

Contesting a Will

Our legal team have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in contesting a Will. We can also assist with a range of family law matters. Further, our lawyers have the determination and skill to represent you during mediation and dispute resolution, or litigation in court. Our resolve is to secure your future by obtaining the best possible outcome.

Wyatts  offer …

If you are looking for a lawyer to provide you with a comprehensive and personalised service, please call Wyatts today on 1800 773 880 or contact us using our online form.

Wyatts Are Here To Help You Protect Your Future

Wyatts Compensation Lawyers have four offices conveniently located in the Sydney, Parramatta, Liverpool and Rockdale. Call Wyatts today on 1800 773 880 or contact us via our online form for an attentive and personalised service. Remember to ask for more information about our No Win, No Fee policy.

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