Wills and Estates


Wills, Estate Planning and Inheritance Disputes

Wyatts will help you take the legal steps required to plan your estate and to create a Will. Our estate planning lawyers will listen carefully to your situation and offer a tailored and personalised solution. Our lawyers can also help you contest a Will or challenge the distribution of an estate.

Wills and Estate Planning

  • Estate Planning
  • Writing a Will
  • Establishing Power of Attorney
  • Forming an Advanced Heath Care Directive
Wills and Estate Planning

Disputing a Will

  • Unfair Division of an Estate
  • Challenge a Fraudulent or Invalid Will
  • Dispute a Will Signed under Coercion
  • Challenge conflicting Wills
Disputed Wills

Protect your future and the financial security of your loved ones.

Our legal team have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in writing a Will, planning your estate, or disputing a Will. We can also assist with a range of family law matters and can represent you during mediation and dispute resolution, or litigation in court. Our resolve is to secure your future by obtaining the best possible outcome.

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